Sanpa – A Maldivian Novel

Draft Translation.

The dawn rooster woke Sanpa from her sleep.
She got up from her ashi bed, meaning to see what the day was like through her bedroom window. In
that instance, some thing on the floor caught her eye – a rolled up piece of paper, what looked like a
faikkolhu. Surprised, she quickly picked it up, rolled it open and started to read.

Never once, since she came into being in this world out of nothing, never in all the 14 years she had been
living in this palm thatched shack, had she asked herself a question such as this. For the first time in her life,
she felt a need to find out all there was to know about this existence.
Sanpa’s mind drifted away in a tide of thoughts brought unto her by the mysterious faikkolhu. This world,
the moon, and the stars whose truths are not known. Stars? How did a star become? What are these
luminous dots called stars, blinking at you from the sky on dark moonless nights? The light from the
faanoozu lamp placed near the bodu ashi barely reaches me inside the kitchen. How then, does the moon,
from afar, so far, make me aware of its light on my being? There must be a beginning to everything in this
existence. The stars must have come from something. And that thing should have come from something
else. Somewhere back in time, something must have come into being out of nothing. That is what Sampa
decided.urried to the bodu ashi. Bappa will be back from his walk around the

After she was done with her meal, Sanpa went to her bed room. Brushing her thoughts aside, she lay on
the sleeping ashi, and closed her eyes to see if she sleep will come. The stars bid her farewell for the night
and crept behind a dense cloud in the sky.